Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 7,2008 Improv Contest Winners





 “What is Love on Easy Street”
  topic by Outridera1

staring at the window from a nostalgia of a winter lost

 invisible for eyes to see and memories to forget

 strolling along the alley in the night

 wondering, sometimes in winter, sometimes in summer

 in the streets to find a familiar face

 what is love on easy street

 when it's frequently givenwithout a conscience

 given with a price on its head

 a touch is unfamiliar

 a gesture unforgiven

 even a whisper is silence by the night

 what is love on easy street

 given freely and frequently

 yesterday wasn't that nostalgia

 something to forget among those nights of loving

 those nights where memories could not last

 what is love on easy street

 coming and going

 like the song goes: "I found love on a lonely highway

 "I found love on a two way street

 and lost it on a lonely highway."

 what is love on easy street?

 Passing by as if a memory forgotten,

 as if yesterday never happened

 what is love on easy street frequently given.






 Runner Up


 “Out with Supply and Demand”
 topic by Terzanelle

 What good would memories be

 And demand for the other sort

 I have to wonder

 If they're not tied together; somehow

 One begets the other

 Odd how it works in so many ways

 The left hand a promised land

 The right an awful fright

 A new love born today

 An old lost tonight

 So be it, I guess

 To hell with the rest

 Out with the law of

 Supply and demand.


© Outridera1





 Honorable Mention


 “Training Day”
 topic by Jbatlady28

I've got to get ready for the big day

Push all my fears aside...Out of the way

Focus on the task at hand these rhymes

Brush up on my word play I've got to make time


Face to face battling in the spot light

Training day neurons in my brain ignite

Up for the challenge ready to fight

Brace yourself with all of your might


I'm coming at you full force non stop

Fast and furious rhyme after rhyme I drop

Like poker your best bet would be to flop

I'm all over you like a floor is to mop


I'm not going to ease up until I reach the top

Battling against me your on the chopping block

2 more weeks my game face is on

I'm going to play off u like a pawn




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Hosts Selection
“May the Best Man Win”

topic by Lowtekman5


 Anomaly, unusual, different,

 nice words for weird thanks

 I didn't see me in the race

 I did not fit within the ranks

 I watched the pain that relationships bring

 I was the safe one to talk to when it hurt

 chasing bad boys and that kind of thing

 was when the bad man treats her like dirt

 then she looks so puzzled and I was left to learn

 love and logic rarely meet

 you're lucky if you can keep what you earn

 you may cry when you suffer  defeat

 may the best man win well that's ok

 I am not among the listed knaves of love

 so enjoy this little victory today

 maybe my values may have a different prize

 I may just try to find the  love in your eyes.

©Mundane1 ~~just clyde!~~
©art: Robin Morris



Monday, June 2, 2008


A few selections from the Re-Opening of RaGe with Host VvSlaveToMetalvV!

  holding on

  so many years ago
  wonder where they went
  a hot clammy night comes to mind
  a sunset red
  brilliant stars overhead
  a dark cloud
  the scent of rain
  a drop or two, then burst of rain
  distant thunder roll
  Sharp thuds in the distance
  flashes in the sky
  a whisper then screams
  flying into the mud
  face in the dirt, near drowned
  shells explode all around
  shaking like a leaf
  deafening silence
  why are my teeth sunk in my wrist?
  holding on...



  In Rendition Of Contemplation

  The past is in my mouth
  The taste is atrocious
  To contemplate the paste
  Breaks the spiritual beauty of the present
  Yet the book must be written
  Torn between what must happen
  The pain of looking back
  Always thinking 
  Begging myself to tear out the pages
  Knowing that cannot happen
  Praying above all else 
  That the tragedy of this life
  Can give hope where it is needed most
  To parents on the brink
  To save other children from pain.



      The Window is Open

       darkness covers all
  down the sky dark clouds grow
           electric flashes
 atmosphere hums with the charge
          hurry - - window is open



 The Brilliant Truth

  the brilliant truth
  is what makes us sparkle
  like a candle shouting out in the wind
  or a  freshly rained on blade of grass
  it's all new and exciting
  the brilliant truth
  sometimes comes in spurts
  and bubbles
  like a ray of sun, that comes
  out from under a thick black cloud
  the brilliant truth
  comes in all shades
  and sizes
  and hues
  when it's all said and done
  we've only begun


Dark Poetry

Here are a few selections from  Dark Tag night ...

                                        Black Bay
The darkness is hovering
like the false moon
its absence is void of focus
the water laps in drumming frequency
as it crashes on the tense sand
DrunkPoets: all around are specks of light
hovering like pin holes in a far away dream
spent wondering if eyes were focusing
on that very spot where you shift
<FONTLANG=0 PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF" size="2" color="#0000ff">DrunkPoets:
uncomfortably alone
imagining the water's intensity leap
across the divide
blacking out that moment
and leaving you to drown
in your loneliness
Serenade the Storm
LeahSmn: The skeletal pier planks rattle beneath the heavy footfall
LeahSmn: of blistered bare feet running to the end splintered
LeahSmn: rails moan as the piling--bones crack
LeahSmn: the water below has churned itself into a frenzy
LeahSmn: demonic and majestic--summoning, drawing,
LeahSmn: who shall feed it wicked dreams?
LeahSmn: who shall soothe it's rage and thirst
LeahSmn: for tranquility ripped from the crests of a million whispers
LeahSmn: the song begins like this -- one note
LeahSmn: dragged from dunes to the waking
LeahSmn: one sustained cello cry into the melancholy collapse
LeahSmn: of wave after wave of disappointment
LeahSmn: then there is nothing left vibrating
LeahSmn: except the soul of the lost on the edge of a journey
LeahSmn: that will free or enslave them forever
LeahSmn: End

"Night Stalker"
BudSilver: In her well vented room she lays
BudSilver: As the wind slowly lulls her to sleep
BudSilver: Outside the window he preys
BudSilver: The wickedness has sunk in too deep
BudSilver: She lays dreaming of a sweeter day
BudSilver: His bloodlust rises up in his eyes
BudSilver: He sneaks in the window where she lays
BudSilver: For tonight is the night that she dies
BudSilver: Night stalker with murder on his mind
BudSilver: Rampages and terrorizes this one
BudSilver: Driven by his lust, he's so blind
BudSilver: He does this simply for fun
BudSilver: Morning paper has all the details
BudSilver: Of a night of terror this town
BudSilver: This poor woman was torn and impaled
BudSilver: By this wicked, tear stained clown
BudSilver: The judge and the jury show no mercy
BudSilver: His sentence is to pay for his crime
BudSilver: His death will be for all to see
BudSilver: The night stalker has run out of time
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end
                               ~Hellish Words~
Dark, Cold, Stuck
QQueeNAkashA7: Left shivering
QQueeNAkashA7: Her eyes
QQueeNAkashA7: His eyes
QQueeNAkashA7: Where once was kind
QQueeNAkashA7: loving
QQueeNAkashA7: Now glares that haunt
QQueeNAkashA7: Staring into her being
QQueeNAkashA7: Imprinted on her soul
QQueeNAkashA7: Are his sadistic ways
QQueeNAkashA7: Hellish words
QQueeNAkashA7: Never to leave her
QQueeNAkashA7: ~End~

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