Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Tag Contest Winners 4.20.08

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 Scarlet Negative
 “Fire Brand”

Topic by EtheriaSky

whoever said the internal and the external are mutually exclusive
has never kissed the way I have.
your hands flash over me in stop-motion
your wrist against my hand, your knee against my thigh.
there's a careful language of joints and angles
chanting low as a mantra under bar-lights,
and your lips and lids are Ava Maria’s
cast hot over the curve of my shoulders.

in the blanket of dance-floors and bass-lines
your hands don't seem to know what they want,
rendered hesitant by the magnitude of desire;
stumbling, a trepidation, as if a pin-prick could bring down mountains.

in this moment
your skin and my need stand in rapt attention
and the world becomes us; jagged, breathless, crippled with the frailty of yearning.
and in us, we fold so deep
that even our whispers become giants.

©Scarlet Negative

image © markpiotrowski






A proclivity

“Wish You Well”

Topic by Budsilver

I wish you were here,
and that I was standing below your spell
as the rain washed over me,
thunder and lighting and rainbows
melting into a bowl.

Wish I could place the trust in time that you could,
and that these dreams weren't prophecies,
as I see you run away from me,
a kiss tucked in your pocket
next to the piece of my heart you stole.

I want to wish you well,
and not curl up when I see you smile
knowing that she has what's mine,
the piece of your heart I should have carved my name upon
as I nodded and let you do to me.

© A proclivity
Image ©Christopher Holliday





Honorable Mention
“When Will I See You Again?”

Topic by UrsulaTG1

When Will I See You Again?
Always thinking
I would not want you to know
I am always thinking of you
Asking over and over
When will I see you again?
I look for you every where I go
Words without actions mean nothing
Do not tell me you love me
I do not want to hear lies
I only want to see you again
And again


© EtheriaSky





Host Selection
“Sweet Surrender”

Topic by Texas Spook Rules

I submit my will to the heavens
I'm not the one in control
Tonight I'll bare my fragile soul
Laying down in sweet surrender
Forgiveness is the only thing I seek
So I bare all and lay prostrate
Giving my life to a purposeful fate
Others may claim, I'm no pretender
To others I say, what goes around will
It will come back on you and not me
The price of freedom is never free
It's a war that I must nowface alone
To other who doubt,I'll give you the rope
Hang your fears on the end of astring
With hope, you can accomplish anything
For one day all of this will be atoned






Poetry was submitted  anonymously to be assessed by outside judges.
Poetry is judged as improvisational efforts.
Judging considerations: use of topic, poetic appeal, creativity & poetic form,

Graphics were chosen as enhancements to the poems, after they were composed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008



Japanese Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form.
This workshop we will concentrate on the most common form which uses three short lines.

The first line should contains five (5) syllables,
 the second line seven (7) syllables,
 the third line contains five (5) syllables.

Traditional themes include nature, feelings, or experiences.
Simple words and grammar are usually employed. 
Haiku doesn't usually  rhyme..
A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind.
The goal is to capture  a thought, or describe a feeling, or detail a moment- in time.

This is the challenge of Haiku - to convey the  imagery or idea
  in ONLY 17 syllables within  three (3) lines of poetry!

Please keep topics in line with the theme- of  "Spring"
Sample Workshop Selections will be posted here .

                             Warming Sun
lowtekman5: The sun is so warm
lowtekman5: where have you been, my old friend ?
lowtekman5: It's been a long time

                        Colorful Birds
DreamsbyDay: Colorful birds flit
DreamsbyDay: between trees, chasing  sun beams,
DreamsbyDay: chirping springs first songs

                       Bright Morning
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: The Wind is blowing
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: Leaves falling in disarray
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: I hid the rake where?                   

                          Blossom Petals
Late spring, flowers bloom
Save one, who's petals are slow
  Slow blooms are better


                      The Drill
Ima Poet Too: When spring blooms again
Ima Poet Too: and pollen is in the air
Ima Poet Too: I grab my hanky
                        Bird Song
MitchtheHawk: The singing's lovely 
MitchtheHawk: Birds chatting up summer sun
MitchtheHawk: Makes nicefor romance


                       Spring rain 
Snoopkitty165: falling on my face
Snoopkitty165:  with a warm feeling as to
Snoopkitty165: say  - wake up  im here
xrsctnet: memories to come
xrsctnet: deep from the soul of my heart
xrsctnet: springtime has the seeds
               "Flowers in bloom"
BudSilver: Open wide and smile
BudSilver: Reach out your arms ,hold me close
BudSilver: Sweet flowers in bloom