Monday, February 16, 2009

Ultimate Improv SLAM Results-Phaeties vs Budsilver

Phaeties and Budsilver battled it out to a full house and when the votes were counted- Budsilver was the winner!
Bud will receive a Poetry Tag Group " I Won the PTG Slam" Shirt and he will compete in the Slam-Off for a prize worth $50.
It was a very close contest and we'd like to thank and congratulate Phaeties & Budsilver for a wonderful night of Improv. Thanks also to Hostess Imapoettoo & Tally Redking44! A Special Thank you to those who attended- and voted!

The First Topic :

BudSilver: "The Third Door"
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: My eyes are closed, I can feel the sound
BudSilver: Heart's palpitating, I've lost too much ground
BudSilver: Always yearning, searching for more
BudSilver: Nothing appears behind the first door
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: Silence screaming, I'm starting to shake
BudSilver: Every second a decision, that only I can make
BudSilver: My soul is floating, two feet off the floor
BudSilver: Nothing appears behind the second door
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: The time is now, I must take a chance
BudSilver: Too much at stake in humanitys dance
BudSilver: Finally what I've sought, tears start to pour
BudSilver: My future was found behind the third door.
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end

Phaeties: The third door....
Phaeties: Behind the presence of this wandering lustre
Phaeties: Are the stars that crowd overhead in bright glowing clusters
Phaeties: Silver ribbons of light gleam down on the living labrynth below
Phaeties: Three doors to enter the winding paths, each framed in natures splended wrath
Phaeties: One covered with rust, time and misttrust
Phaeties: Its door handle broken and shattered, hinges weak and materials tattered
Phaeties: The second door, rises up a series of steps
Phaeties: Its make is of translucent black glass, etched in the middle is the face of a laughing art nouveau lass
Phaeties: Higher yet is the door upon the balcony, old vines make for a rope like climb
Phaeties: Of sorrow and reverence, which door would one walk?
Phaeties: The more concealed, the divine, or persay ravaged with grime?
Phaeties: Perhaps one would walk through that presented to them, each its own gem
Phaeties: The values of fine things, easy steps to climb, or the path less traveled by?
Phaeties: Assiduously one paces, no like to the choices more or less offered
Phaeties: Conjecture then that there is more that what there appears to be, an illusion of choices
Phaeties: Follow the one inner feeling, the silent call of voices
Phaeties: Steps then are mustered to pry at the very walls of stone
Phaeties: Settling then, is the adventurer to make entance of his own.
Phaeties: -end

The Second Topic:

Phaeties: Sand and glass..
Phaeties: -
Phaeties: As the mixture swirls through the atmosphere
Phaeties: Colors collide before our eyes, spectrums of love and lust
Phaeties: Sins bleed through the living sands, melting into a spetrum of elixors
Phaeties: Vision is lost through a dry druken haze, as wicked lips blossom
Phaeties: Into a dessert of fading embers and burning whispers upon lover's ears
Phaeties: Raptures persperiation courses down the curves of moving shadows
Phaeties: Mired in light, lips mingle upon petel soft skin, a whirlwind
Phaeties: Of sand, our bodies writhe in the heat of reverberating desire
Phaeties: In an unholy dance of divinty on stained glass, we devour one another completely,
Phaeties: Eating each other ashes, leaving no trace, of the bleeding sounds or laughing echoes
Phaeties: I like your lips with no disgrace, using my tongue to build a temporal temple to passion's throws
Phaeties: Inside this sanctum, have faith that our flesh will lust
Phaeties: Trust in me, as we walk in the darkness, that the pillars of morality may crumble
Phaeties: Hence once so that our languid bodies may thrash and tumble
Phaeties: Scorching each others heart, damned lost and adrift to clutch each other
Phaeties: through the reflections of our eyes, -d
Phaeties: and that "lick your lips with no disgrace"
Phaeties: end

BudSilver: "Sand and Glass"
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: Surreal images, woven in hues
BudSilver: Artist's hand, paint a delicate picture
BudSilver: Nuances and feels, hands to the clay
BudSilver: Displayed on a canvas of an intricate mind
BudSilver: An illusion twisted, by sand and glass
BudSilver: Nothing like this has been formed before
BudSilver: Dainty, disfigured, a collector's delight
BudSilver: Glassblown figurine, dancing in stars
BudSilver: Lady has now stepped out of time
BudSilver: An orchestra plays her lone silouhette
BudSilver: Spinning in circles, to a symphony's tune
BudSilver: Sand and glass, have now come to life
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end

Friday, February 6, 2009

Improv Poetry Contest Winners November 2008


Topic by APoetWithin

Farmazist: .
Farmazist: I was under the impression
Farmazist: The last argument was truly that
Farmazist: Another bowel cleanser of anger
Farmazist: A bottle of hatred spilled on the floor
Farmazist: Consuming what was left
Farmazist: Of the decency we tried so hard
Farmazist: To cover up with a bandage
Farmazist: I saw this one coming though
Farmazist: On channel 3 news at ten
Farmazist: It was not even the weatherman
Farmazist: What does that tell you about velocity?
Farmazist: Of the winds raging from us?
Farmazist: The tell tale signs must be heeded
Farmazist: No more finding the dead end streets
Farmazist: TIme to turn around and find the interstate
Farmazist: That either pulls us completely apart
Farmazist: Or provides the cement to hold us together
Farmazist: I promise to erase my clich├ęs
Farmazist: If you will forget the rant
Farmazist: Wither way I quit
Farmazist: .
Farmazist: the end


Runner Up
"Silent Storm"

Topic by Cybersxpoetess

HummingDragonfly: SILENT STORM
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: the tale of the ages
HummingDragonfly: rings upon the mind
HummingDragonfly: seeking depths unfathomed
HummingDragonfly: beyond the soul
HummingDragonfly: beyond the senses
HummingDragonfly: where I was before this place
HummingDragonfly: now
HummingDragonfly: the door to heaven
HummingDragonfly: is there- a silent storm
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: the world is a noisy cacophony
HummingDragonfly: shrieks, shouts, jangling of nervous
HummingDragonfly: flight from the self
HummingDragonfly: memories of hell are there
HummingDragonfly: all comfort is sought in flight
HummingDragonfly: from mind's endlessness
HummingDragonfly: eternity terrifies mortality
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: oh I am weary and hurting so
HummingDragonfly: all thoughts of present are pain
HummingDragonfly: let me wander within again
HummingDragonfly: seeking solace
HummingDragonfly: freedom from this place
HummingDragonfly: and there the silent storm
HummingDragonfly: rings upon the mind
HummingDragonfly: frees a soul
HummingDragonfly: and bathes in endless light
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: end


Honorable Mention
Jaygirl 718
"Tokens Of Trust"

Topic by Farmazist

Jaygirl 718: Tokens of trust
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me you hand
Jaygirl 718: I promise not to hold too tightly
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your ear
Jaygirl 718: I promise not to shout
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your voice
Jaygirl 718: I will listen carefully
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your arms to wrap around me
Jaygirl 718: And I will hug your fears away
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Kiss me softly upon my lips
Jaygirl 718: I will ease your pain
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Share your heartfelt dreams
Jaygirl 718: For just a moment relax
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Let yourself try and trust another
Jaygirl 718: take the chance to love and be loved
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Come to me just as you are
Jaygirl 718: A simple broken man
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: I will talk and listen to you
Jaygirl 718: With sweet silence and soft laughter
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: No need to fear
Jaygirl 718: For I willing and able
Jaygirl 718: To wipe away all your sad tears
Jaygirl 718: end