Sunday, May 24, 2009

5.17.09 Ultimate Improv SLAM Noesnana vs Mundane1

Noesnana Vs Mundane 1
Sunday May17, 2009

Noesnana and Mundane1 took the Ultimate Improv Slam Challange on May17, 2009.
Both poets were terrific, but in the end Noesnana was victorius.
Thanks to those of you who came to participate-for those who could not- here are the writes:

Noesnana: Myth and Magic
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: the magic of enchantment is one to hold
Noesnana: tales of another time and place
Noesnana: visions in details oh so bold
Noesnana: creating a history to embrace
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: Spells cast upon a soul
Noesnana: changing lifes very essence
Noesnana: into a spirit to extol
Noesnana: just being in their presence
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: life as we know it
Noesnana: would not be the same
Noesnana: without the legendary wit
Noesnana: who would we blame
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: where would we turn
Noesnana: when we needed an answer
Noesnana: to a question burns
Noesnana: like unending spins of a dancer
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: spinnning out of control
Noesnana: look at the picture entire, whole
Noesnana: it will creep down inside your soul
Noesnana: life wont be quite as droll
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: end

Mundane1: ~~Myth and Magic~~
Mundane1: to read is always a great escape
Mundane1: to be the hero every time
Mundane1: master of lore myth and magic
Mundane1: pure of heart with never a crime
Mundane1: so much different day to day
Mundane1: life is harder with shades of gray
Mundane1: doubt surrounds every move
Mundane1: wht should i do; what should i say
Mundane1: still in life they botyh exist
Mundane1: myth and magic in all we see
Mundane1: perfection is myth and love is magic
Mundane1: to forgive is how we can be free
Mundane1: ~~just clyde~~


Mundane1: ~~Beautiful mess~~
Mundane1: everything is about perspective
Mundane1: what we feel, what we say, what we see
Mundane1: the same thing is different on another day
Mundane1: the way we react changes what can be
Mundane1: a beatiful mess on a given day
Mundane1: when everything seems to go wrong
Mundane1: is a lovely way to laugh at the day
Mundane1: to live and love and get along
Mundane1: a bowl of spaghetti on a kids head
Mundane1: can be the staw that breaks the back
Mundane1: or laugh so hard you wet your pants
Mundane1: perspective then defines what we lack
Mundane1: a beautiful mess is a beautiful thing
Mundane1: if we remember to laugh every day
Mundane1: just remember to look again
Mundane1: perspectives can keep our darkness at bay
Mundane1: ~~just clyde~~

Noesnana: Beautiful Mess
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: It would just be a guess
Noesnana: life would go on despite stress
Noesnana: she would be an emotional mess
Noesnana: would need to be carressed
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: the beaurty would need to be found
Noesnana: before she found herself drowned
Noesnana: by a loss that was so profound
Noesnana: the darkness was her surround
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: one morning life was beautiful
Noesnana: no longer surrounded by the squall
Noesnana: she could see the writing on the wall
Noesnana: life goes on, even after we fall
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: on with a life full of hopes and dreams
Noesnana: on with a life full of beauty it seems
Noesnana: rooms no longer filled with screams
Noesnana: now she stands tall and beams
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: end