Monday, October 13, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest Winners 9.20.08

“Seeds of Pulse”

topic by Pityflutes

MosiGail: It beats in time,
MosiGail: 120 over 80,
MosiGail: It tells time, tick and tock,
MosiGail: Seeds grow and bulge,
MosiGail: What slows down
MosiGail: now, is the new
MosiGail: to lead and grow,
MosiGail: one seed, and a pulse
MosiGail: is a beat, and music,
MosiGail: Drummer time it right,
MosiGail: pulse and seed bloom.


Runner Up
"Maybe I'm Wrong"

topic by Dreamsbyday

BudSilver: Descent into my innermost parts
BudSilver: Masked by the pain of a lonely heart
BudSilver: Time waits for no man, so it's been said
BudSilver: If you cut me, I bleed...and it's always red
BudSilver: I'm just a man with flaws, too many to count
BudSilver: The mountain of misery is too high to mount
BudSilver: I can only express myself in poetry and song
BudSilver: Yet too many have judged me, maybe I'm wrong
BudSilver: Is it wrong to know that you care too much
BudSilver: Or you long for the feeling of just being touched
BudSilver: How long must I suffer, this pain all alone
BudSilver: Unable to describe it, a long wistful moan
BudSilver: Inside I must just possess a big heart
BudSilver: I turn back to my roots, go forward from start
BudSilver: As I ascend back to this painful "reality"
BudSilver: It's the time that haunts and tears apart me
BudSilver: If ever by chance, we do meet again
BudSilver: My soul will be blessed, by the touch of my friend


Hosts Choice
"Strange Lights at Night"
topic by BudSilver

DreamsbyDay: In darkest deepest night, there shines a light
DreamsbyDay: 'neath eyelids shut to hide the world from sight
DreamsbyDay: where visions scatter into flashing bits
DreamsbyDay: and fantasy 's reality’s misfit
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Odd faces in the blackness, gleaming there
DreamsbyDay: where nothing is supposed to be, or dare
DreamsbyDay: Odd glimmers, unknown voices, eerie sounds
DreamsbyDay: where all that is the nothingness abounds.
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Who touches me? Who's fingers swiped my face ?
DreamsbyDay: What manner of strange beings host this place?
DreamsbyDay: where everything is clearer in the dark
DreamsbyDay: and 'lectric pulses sanctify and spark...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: strange lights at night, and stranger lights at day
DreamsbyDay: for what does day or night, mean- anyway?


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest 8.09.08


Risinsun 28
"Before I Realized"

topic by Dreamsbyday

RisinSun28:  havent made the leap ? my friend the
RisinSun28:  hill is steep, my friend
RisinSun28:  dependant before i relized
RisinSun28:  your face might go wasplike, mining
RisinSun28:  pearls of default, your eyes relented mixed
RisinSun28:  emotion for indentured seducing, exclusive
RisinSun28:  sucking of soul sought flickers
RisinSun28:  passing before time had a chance
RisinSun28:  to relate them to lightning, sparks
RisinSun28:  reignited intruding this darkness
RisinSun28:  grown in the space between you , your mom
RisinSun28:  and my ingenious self assesment, basement
RisinSun28:  of lesions, pits of corrosion, fleeing
RisinSun28:  this vision i leapt away roaming
RisinSun28:  no meaning to owing the wandering notion
RisinSun28:  a passing glance, caressing the chance
RisinSun28:  for to stay, expressively shifting the
RisinSun28:  gratitude lifting the gray
RisinSun28:  if only you knew those who felt oft older
RisinSun28:  when holding their knees and betwixted in dismay
RisinSun28:  the years only 30's the deepend a flirting
RisinSun28:  the motion detector of lotioned bodies loitering out on the bay
RisinSun28:  if ever i knew you i left behind knowledge
RisinSun28:  if i ever i grew through the hate that despondently splayed
RisinSun28:  open this momentous dementia disparaged betrayal
RisinSun28:  the trail of lies tickle your fancy i'd scratch in the wall
RisinSun28:  looking for answers in white paint chipping to play
RisinSun28:  games with the mistrust of shelters protection and
RisinSun28:  only the ceiling would gently hold maybe
RisinSun28:  without a writing within in me i read on the support beam
RisinSun28:  "if you can't understand my silence,
RisinSun28:  you will never understand mywords"


Runner Up
"Hunger Grows"

topic by Risinsun28

APoetWithin:  Grazing like a herd of cattle
APoetWithin:  Never satiated
APoetWithin:  Why does food offer no satisfaction
APoetWithin:  Hunger just grows
APoetWithin:  Along with girth
APoetWithin:  Food is not an answer
APoetWithin:  Symptoms grow in number
APoetWithin:  Sadness and angst
APoetWithin:  Close eyes to hold back tears
APoetWithin:  Never let them see you cry
APoetWithin:  Hold back anger by filling your mouth
APoetWithin:  There is no cure for misery
APoetWithin:  The only answer lies within
APoetWithin:  Exorcise the demons


Honorable Mention
Here's Slipknot41
"Trouble Ahead"
topic by DreamsbyDay

Slipknot41:  I never liked the Grateful Dead
Slipknot41:  and failed to see the need for Rolling Stones worship
Slipknot41:  but when it came to being a walking florence flask..
Slipknot41:  Sure;  pour those unknown substances straight in !
Slipknot41:  thumb over the top, shake it up a bit
Slipknot41:  yeah !    eyes can glow anew !
Slipknot41:  it would be funny if that ended it
Slipknot41:  in my case, the heartburn spread itself thru the neverous system
Slipknot41:  lodged while secondary, third and fourth-dary reactions took
Slipknot41:  now I'd say the vessel I possess resembles more the unknown in
Slipknot41:  have hilarity, half outrage
Slipknot41:  it's a good thing healing by blueprint design
Slipknot41:  supercedes all



Hosts Selection
"The tears behind the smile"
topic by Apoetwithin

lowtekman5:  If we couldnt laugh we would go insane
lowtekman5:  So a songwriter said
lowtekman5:  some who cant laugh would rather die
lowtekman5:  they think the pain will dissolve when they're dead
lowtekman5:  Me, I dont like for people to see my distress
lowtekman5:  So I hide it behind this big grin
lowtekman5:  nobody can see any of my tears
lowtekman5:  but if you ask the right questions and say the right words
lowtekman5:  maybe I'll let you in


Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 22, 2008 Improv Contest Winners


Twisted Mirror

topic by Mundane1
 I have a hurricane in me,
 a gentle wind lives within.
 Stand firm, acerbic moon-tides
 rumble to mighty force, swells
 pitch and yaw, grumble and yawn.
 Steadfast, I sail beyond horizons,
 lucid mirages on endless seas.
 Fear driven deep in my bowels,
 raw intensity of pure, fragile hope.
 I watch, watch a shadow, a mirror
 image, dusk to dawn away but dare
 never to whisper the words.
 A twisted mirror cannot reflect
 truth, locked in its timbre tock,
 manumit my inner demons
 to vast unknown. Intensity
 wells, crimson flames a fiery
 testament. Stain spreads indigo
 and inside a tsunami riles, expels
 scarlet resound, in my epiphany,
 I dare the silence giving voice
 to echo, we have come full circle.
 I open the windows of my soul,
 liquid laughter peals 'cross plains
 to retreat beyond canyon walls,
 this darkness within me.
 Beneath a wide summer sky,
 I breathe light, in shades of blue
 my feet float, dance above cockle
 shells on golden sands as the storm
 leaves my shore, a twisted reflection,
 mirrored forevermore.


 Runner Up
 Tangled Threads on the Backside of Lifes Tapestry

 topic by  Springspromise15

Here my father sliced a thread,
 Another one my mother read,
 Weaving a history of this day
 A picture of everything, say,
 Headlines announce a topic true
 Websites say a topic through
 All life is one glorious bundle
 Making its way along a path. Trundle
 But yes dear reader, there is another side
 Not all is perfect and some things slide
 Let me tell you of the back side
 The slack side, of life's tapestry.
 Every rug needs a constant grip
 On life or if one stepped on it, strife
 An undercurrent of fear and need awaits us all
 Here or there. Insurance failed. In the hall
 No I never knew her, And we have one glorious child
 Somehow our slipping and sliding resulted in God being mild
 There is an undertapestry I'm sure you've felt
 Working up you backside. In your innards. Chastity melt.



 Hosts Selection
 Minty Flesh
 The Grand Nile

 topic by PoetcTryst

god knows origami
 and folds time
 like blankets
 we sleep away eternity
 under suburban stars
 as the serpent tunnels beneath
 metropolitan moons
 light and dark flow tandem
 and flood fantastic
 on the papyrus shores
 leaving their creases
 for us to read in the morning
 like lines on the old man's face
 the earths scars tell of good and evil
 but only death unfolds the truth
 as a young man i plied my mind into a boat
 and now i wait to reach river's end


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ultimate Improv Slam

Sunday, June29,

Imapoettoo  -Vs- Budsilver !
Winner : Budsilver!

Thanks to all who came , read and voted! 
 For those of you who missed it- here are the writes!
Broken Chains

there's a broken doll
in the corner over there
toss'd with disdain
forgotten in a year or two
There's a broken plate
on the counter
by the sink
along with a familiar link
There's a broken chain
round my healing heart
I had to forget the future
return to the start
There's a broken soul
bleeding out and alone
like an abandon'd dog
with nowhere to call home

©Ima Poet Too:  ER Barker
  "Broken Chains"
  His pain stricken face still haunts me
  Bound to the ships wall by these chains
  Poor old man sold into his slavery
  Knowing that he would never be free
  His eyes spoke stories, his voice couldn't utter
  Of the whips he'd felt and lashes taken
  Sold by his family, alone and forsaken
  Scars where the lash tore his skin like butter
  Somehow in his pain, he still smiled at me
  Sharing his wisdom, he poured out his soul
  He told me he knew he was not in control
  The his father in heaven, would soon hear his plea
  I had no understanding, as if his prayer were in vain
  He spoke of a time, when he would walk by the sea
  These chains have been broken, they'll never hold me
  One day he'll wake up in paradise, forever free

 "Waterfalls in the sky"
   Another sleepless night, I can't seem to rest
   Faced with the choice of this impossible test
   Nothing seems to add up, at times I feel lost
   Knowing the price I've paid, immeasurable cost
   Dreams come too few, I have no answer why
   Washed by the waterfalls in my night sky
   Memories erased, replaced by another
   How people can turn their backs on their brother
   Lucid dreams come and I feel so alive
   Nightmares compete that force me to cry
   No solace, no peace, I retreat to that place
   Remembering that last time that I saw your face
   With one simple kiss, you unlocked this man
  Tormented and twisted, I don't understand
   I peered that night inside of your tears
   I saw you boundup and wounded, shrouded by fear
   Awake the next morning, you weren't by my side
   Like a piece of my dream had withered and died
   If this dream comes full circle with you by my side
   It will be worth all the anguish and tears that I've cried
   If everyou're lonely and you just don't know why
    Let's lay down next to waterfalls in the sky
 Waterfalls in the Sky

 Waterfalls in the sky
 Cliffs of vapor
 Rise up above
 the raging storm river
 white water
 racing to earthly destination
 down through
 Waterfalls in the sky
 Driving flood waters
 before its inundating

©Ima Poet Too:  ER Barker

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 7,2008 Improv Contest Winners





 “What is Love on Easy Street”
  topic by Outridera1

staring at the window from a nostalgia of a winter lost

 invisible for eyes to see and memories to forget

 strolling along the alley in the night

 wondering, sometimes in winter, sometimes in summer

 in the streets to find a familiar face

 what is love on easy street

 when it's frequently givenwithout a conscience

 given with a price on its head

 a touch is unfamiliar

 a gesture unforgiven

 even a whisper is silence by the night

 what is love on easy street

 given freely and frequently

 yesterday wasn't that nostalgia

 something to forget among those nights of loving

 those nights where memories could not last

 what is love on easy street

 coming and going

 like the song goes: "I found love on a lonely highway

 "I found love on a two way street

 and lost it on a lonely highway."

 what is love on easy street?

 Passing by as if a memory forgotten,

 as if yesterday never happened

 what is love on easy street frequently given.






 Runner Up


 “Out with Supply and Demand”
 topic by Terzanelle

 What good would memories be

 And demand for the other sort

 I have to wonder

 If they're not tied together; somehow

 One begets the other

 Odd how it works in so many ways

 The left hand a promised land

 The right an awful fright

 A new love born today

 An old lost tonight

 So be it, I guess

 To hell with the rest

 Out with the law of

 Supply and demand.


© Outridera1





 Honorable Mention


 “Training Day”
 topic by Jbatlady28

I've got to get ready for the big day

Push all my fears aside...Out of the way

Focus on the task at hand these rhymes

Brush up on my word play I've got to make time


Face to face battling in the spot light

Training day neurons in my brain ignite

Up for the challenge ready to fight

Brace yourself with all of your might


I'm coming at you full force non stop

Fast and furious rhyme after rhyme I drop

Like poker your best bet would be to flop

I'm all over you like a floor is to mop


I'm not going to ease up until I reach the top

Battling against me your on the chopping block

2 more weeks my game face is on

I'm going to play off u like a pawn




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Hosts Selection
“May the Best Man Win”

topic by Lowtekman5


 Anomaly, unusual, different,

 nice words for weird thanks

 I didn't see me in the race

 I did not fit within the ranks

 I watched the pain that relationships bring

 I was the safe one to talk to when it hurt

 chasing bad boys and that kind of thing

 was when the bad man treats her like dirt

 then she looks so puzzled and I was left to learn

 love and logic rarely meet

 you're lucky if you can keep what you earn

 you may cry when you suffer  defeat

 may the best man win well that's ok

 I am not among the listed knaves of love

 so enjoy this little victory today

 maybe my values may have a different prize

 I may just try to find the  love in your eyes.

©Mundane1 ~~just clyde!~~
©art: Robin Morris



Monday, June 2, 2008


A few selections from the Re-Opening of RaGe with Host VvSlaveToMetalvV!

  holding on

  so many years ago
  wonder where they went
  a hot clammy night comes to mind
  a sunset red
  brilliant stars overhead
  a dark cloud
  the scent of rain
  a drop or two, then burst of rain
  distant thunder roll
  Sharp thuds in the distance
  flashes in the sky
  a whisper then screams
  flying into the mud
  face in the dirt, near drowned
  shells explode all around
  shaking like a leaf
  deafening silence
  why are my teeth sunk in my wrist?
  holding on...



  In Rendition Of Contemplation

  The past is in my mouth
  The taste is atrocious
  To contemplate the paste
  Breaks the spiritual beauty of the present
  Yet the book must be written
  Torn between what must happen
  The pain of looking back
  Always thinking 
  Begging myself to tear out the pages
  Knowing that cannot happen
  Praying above all else 
  That the tragedy of this life
  Can give hope where it is needed most
  To parents on the brink
  To save other children from pain.



      The Window is Open

       darkness covers all
  down the sky dark clouds grow
           electric flashes
 atmosphere hums with the charge
          hurry - - window is open



 The Brilliant Truth

  the brilliant truth
  is what makes us sparkle
  like a candle shouting out in the wind
  or a  freshly rained on blade of grass
  it's all new and exciting
  the brilliant truth
  sometimes comes in spurts
  and bubbles
  like a ray of sun, that comes
  out from under a thick black cloud
  the brilliant truth
  comes in all shades
  and sizes
  and hues
  when it's all said and done
  we've only begun


Dark Poetry

Here are a few selections from  Dark Tag night ...

                                        Black Bay
The darkness is hovering
like the false moon
its absence is void of focus
the water laps in drumming frequency
as it crashes on the tense sand
DrunkPoets: all around are specks of light
hovering like pin holes in a far away dream
spent wondering if eyes were focusing
on that very spot where you shift
<FONTLANG=0 PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF" size="2" color="#0000ff">DrunkPoets:
uncomfortably alone
imagining the water's intensity leap
across the divide
blacking out that moment
and leaving you to drown
in your loneliness
Serenade the Storm
LeahSmn: The skeletal pier planks rattle beneath the heavy footfall
LeahSmn: of blistered bare feet running to the end splintered
LeahSmn: rails moan as the piling--bones crack
LeahSmn: the water below has churned itself into a frenzy
LeahSmn: demonic and majestic--summoning, drawing,
LeahSmn: who shall feed it wicked dreams?
LeahSmn: who shall soothe it's rage and thirst
LeahSmn: for tranquility ripped from the crests of a million whispers
LeahSmn: the song begins like this -- one note
LeahSmn: dragged from dunes to the waking
LeahSmn: one sustained cello cry into the melancholy collapse
LeahSmn: of wave after wave of disappointment
LeahSmn: then there is nothing left vibrating
LeahSmn: except the soul of the lost on the edge of a journey
LeahSmn: that will free or enslave them forever
LeahSmn: End

"Night Stalker"
BudSilver: In her well vented room she lays
BudSilver: As the wind slowly lulls her to sleep
BudSilver: Outside the window he preys
BudSilver: The wickedness has sunk in too deep
BudSilver: She lays dreaming of a sweeter day
BudSilver: His bloodlust rises up in his eyes
BudSilver: He sneaks in the window where she lays
BudSilver: For tonight is the night that she dies
BudSilver: Night stalker with murder on his mind
BudSilver: Rampages and terrorizes this one
BudSilver: Driven by his lust, he's so blind
BudSilver: He does this simply for fun
BudSilver: Morning paper has all the details
BudSilver: Of a night of terror this town
BudSilver: This poor woman was torn and impaled
BudSilver: By this wicked, tear stained clown
BudSilver: The judge and the jury show no mercy
BudSilver: His sentence is to pay for his crime
BudSilver: His death will be for all to see
BudSilver: The night stalker has run out of time
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end
                               ~Hellish Words~
Dark, Cold, Stuck
QQueeNAkashA7: Left shivering
QQueeNAkashA7: Her eyes
QQueeNAkashA7: His eyes
QQueeNAkashA7: Where once was kind
QQueeNAkashA7: loving
QQueeNAkashA7: Now glares that haunt
QQueeNAkashA7: Staring into her being
QQueeNAkashA7: Imprinted on her soul
QQueeNAkashA7: Are his sadistic ways
QQueeNAkashA7: Hellish words
QQueeNAkashA7: Never to leave her
QQueeNAkashA7: ~End~

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Tag Contest Winners 4.20.08

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 Scarlet Negative
 “Fire Brand”

Topic by EtheriaSky

whoever said the internal and the external are mutually exclusive
has never kissed the way I have.
your hands flash over me in stop-motion
your wrist against my hand, your knee against my thigh.
there's a careful language of joints and angles
chanting low as a mantra under bar-lights,
and your lips and lids are Ava Maria’s
cast hot over the curve of my shoulders.

in the blanket of dance-floors and bass-lines
your hands don't seem to know what they want,
rendered hesitant by the magnitude of desire;
stumbling, a trepidation, as if a pin-prick could bring down mountains.

in this moment
your skin and my need stand in rapt attention
and the world becomes us; jagged, breathless, crippled with the frailty of yearning.
and in us, we fold so deep
that even our whispers become giants.

©Scarlet Negative

image © markpiotrowski






A proclivity

“Wish You Well”

Topic by Budsilver

I wish you were here,
and that I was standing below your spell
as the rain washed over me,
thunder and lighting and rainbows
melting into a bowl.

Wish I could place the trust in time that you could,
and that these dreams weren't prophecies,
as I see you run away from me,
a kiss tucked in your pocket
next to the piece of my heart you stole.

I want to wish you well,
and not curl up when I see you smile
knowing that she has what's mine,
the piece of your heart I should have carved my name upon
as I nodded and let you do to me.

© A proclivity
Image ©Christopher Holliday





Honorable Mention
“When Will I See You Again?”

Topic by UrsulaTG1

When Will I See You Again?
Always thinking
I would not want you to know
I am always thinking of you
Asking over and over
When will I see you again?
I look for you every where I go
Words without actions mean nothing
Do not tell me you love me
I do not want to hear lies
I only want to see you again
And again


© EtheriaSky





Host Selection
“Sweet Surrender”

Topic by Texas Spook Rules

I submit my will to the heavens
I'm not the one in control
Tonight I'll bare my fragile soul
Laying down in sweet surrender
Forgiveness is the only thing I seek
So I bare all and lay prostrate
Giving my life to a purposeful fate
Others may claim, I'm no pretender
To others I say, what goes around will
It will come back on you and not me
The price of freedom is never free
It's a war that I must nowface alone
To other who doubt,I'll give you the rope
Hang your fears on the end of astring
With hope, you can accomplish anything
For one day all of this will be atoned






Poetry was submitted  anonymously to be assessed by outside judges.
Poetry is judged as improvisational efforts.
Judging considerations: use of topic, poetic appeal, creativity & poetic form,

Graphics were chosen as enhancements to the poems, after they were composed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008



Japanese Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form.
This workshop we will concentrate on the most common form which uses three short lines.

The first line should contains five (5) syllables,
 the second line seven (7) syllables,
 the third line contains five (5) syllables.

Traditional themes include nature, feelings, or experiences.
Simple words and grammar are usually employed. 
Haiku doesn't usually  rhyme..
A Haiku must "paint" a mental image in the reader's mind.
The goal is to capture  a thought, or describe a feeling, or detail a moment- in time.

This is the challenge of Haiku - to convey the  imagery or idea
  in ONLY 17 syllables within  three (3) lines of poetry!

Please keep topics in line with the theme- of  "Spring"
Sample Workshop Selections will be posted here .

                             Warming Sun
lowtekman5: The sun is so warm
lowtekman5: where have you been, my old friend ?
lowtekman5: It's been a long time

                        Colorful Birds
DreamsbyDay: Colorful birds flit
DreamsbyDay: between trees, chasing  sun beams,
DreamsbyDay: chirping springs first songs

                       Bright Morning
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: The Wind is blowing
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: Leaves falling in disarray
SLOHANDCOWPOKE: I hid the rake where?                   

                          Blossom Petals
Late spring, flowers bloom
Save one, who's petals are slow
  Slow blooms are better


                      The Drill
Ima Poet Too: When spring blooms again
Ima Poet Too: and pollen is in the air
Ima Poet Too: I grab my hanky
                        Bird Song
MitchtheHawk: The singing's lovely 
MitchtheHawk: Birds chatting up summer sun
MitchtheHawk: Makes nicefor romance


                       Spring rain 
Snoopkitty165: falling on my face
Snoopkitty165:  with a warm feeling as to
Snoopkitty165: say  - wake up  im here
xrsctnet: memories to come
xrsctnet: deep from the soul of my heart
xrsctnet: springtime has the seeds
               "Flowers in bloom"
BudSilver: Open wide and smile
BudSilver: Reach out your arms ,hold me close
BudSilver: Sweet flowers in bloom

Sunday, March 16, 2008



Some samples from our Workshop Follow...
why not try writing one of your own ?


        Topic: Plumbers Crack
Monstie114:  There once was a plumber named Jack
Monstie114:  He bent over and showed us his crack
Monstie114:  the work he had started
Monstie114:  fell apart when he farted
Monstie114:  and we all thought that plumber was whack
Monstie114:  end

JTayl:  Jack's assistant had a fit
JTayl:  Said I'm tired of looking at "IT'
JTayl:  Cover that crack
JTayl:  'Fore I give it a smack
JTayl:  I don't like it one little whit!
JTayl:  `
JTayl:  end
             Topic: "Jack had a wife"

BudSilver:  One day while working his bench
BudSilver:  Jack smacked himself with a wrench
BudSilver:  He knocked him self stupid
BudSilver:  Then struck fast by cupid
BudSilver:  He married that cute little wench
BudSilver:  .
BudSilver:   the end

                   Topic: Leprechauns Revenge
DreamsbyDay:  while walking one day in the woods
DreamsbyDay:  the leprachaun misunderstood
DreamsbyDay:  the road had a bend
DreamsbyDay:  he thought he would mend
DreamsbyDay:  now everyone's lost there but good!
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  end
           Topic: Genetically engineered four leaf clover"

BudSilver:  A bored scientist stuck in a lab
BudSilver:  Said let me give this a stab
BudSilver:  Put some clovers in glass
BudSilver:  Got drunk off his ass
BudSilver:  Now the leafs are all olive drab
BudSilver:  .
BudSilver:   the end
          topic: Eyes of the Irishman
mintyflesh:  i went down to the pub to sit on the rail
mintyflesh:  and lamented how the irish are pale
mintyflesh:  i looked into their eyes
mintyflesh:  not as blue as the skies
mintyflesh:  but about as amber as their ale
mintyflesh:  .
mintyflesh:  end