Sunday, March 16, 2008



Some samples from our Workshop Follow...
why not try writing one of your own ?


        Topic: Plumbers Crack
Monstie114:  There once was a plumber named Jack
Monstie114:  He bent over and showed us his crack
Monstie114:  the work he had started
Monstie114:  fell apart when he farted
Monstie114:  and we all thought that plumber was whack
Monstie114:  end

JTayl:  Jack's assistant had a fit
JTayl:  Said I'm tired of looking at "IT'
JTayl:  Cover that crack
JTayl:  'Fore I give it a smack
JTayl:  I don't like it one little whit!
JTayl:  `
JTayl:  end
             Topic: "Jack had a wife"

BudSilver:  One day while working his bench
BudSilver:  Jack smacked himself with a wrench
BudSilver:  He knocked him self stupid
BudSilver:  Then struck fast by cupid
BudSilver:  He married that cute little wench
BudSilver:  .
BudSilver:   the end

                   Topic: Leprechauns Revenge
DreamsbyDay:  while walking one day in the woods
DreamsbyDay:  the leprachaun misunderstood
DreamsbyDay:  the road had a bend
DreamsbyDay:  he thought he would mend
DreamsbyDay:  now everyone's lost there but good!
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  end
           Topic: Genetically engineered four leaf clover"

BudSilver:  A bored scientist stuck in a lab
BudSilver:  Said let me give this a stab
BudSilver:  Put some clovers in glass
BudSilver:  Got drunk off his ass
BudSilver:  Now the leafs are all olive drab
BudSilver:  .
BudSilver:   the end
          topic: Eyes of the Irishman
mintyflesh:  i went down to the pub to sit on the rail
mintyflesh:  and lamented how the irish are pale
mintyflesh:  i looked into their eyes
mintyflesh:  not as blue as the skies
mintyflesh:  but about as amber as their ale
mintyflesh:  .
mintyflesh:  end



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Picture This -Workshop 3.2.08

                                   This workshop is for those who enjoy 
                                            the inspiration of a graphic...

                                  There are a series of graphics below.
            The tagger will select a graphic, and then supply a topic as well.
         The writer will then compose their  poem, using both,  as inspiration!



Graphic #1


                                          Graphic # 2

Graphic #3


                                                Graphic #4


Graphic # 5


                                            Graphic # 6

Graphic # 7


                                            Graphic #8

Graphic # 9


                                         Graphic #10


Selections from our workshop are listed as comments , below.
Each improvisation is presented as written, with only common typo/spelling errors corrected.

Please enjoy reading these creative works, and I encourage you to add a poem of your own!