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5.17.09 Ultimate Improv SLAM Noesnana vs Mundane1

Noesnana Vs Mundane 1
Sunday May17, 2009

Noesnana and Mundane1 took the Ultimate Improv Slam Challange on May17, 2009.
Both poets were terrific, but in the end Noesnana was victorius.
Thanks to those of you who came to participate-for those who could not- here are the writes:

Noesnana: Myth and Magic
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: the magic of enchantment is one to hold
Noesnana: tales of another time and place
Noesnana: visions in details oh so bold
Noesnana: creating a history to embrace
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: Spells cast upon a soul
Noesnana: changing lifes very essence
Noesnana: into a spirit to extol
Noesnana: just being in their presence
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: life as we know it
Noesnana: would not be the same
Noesnana: without the legendary wit
Noesnana: who would we blame
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: where would we turn
Noesnana: when we needed an answer
Noesnana: to a question burns
Noesnana: like unending spins of a dancer
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: spinnning out of control
Noesnana: look at the picture entire, whole
Noesnana: it will creep down inside your soul
Noesnana: life wont be quite as droll
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: end

Mundane1: ~~Myth and Magic~~
Mundane1: to read is always a great escape
Mundane1: to be the hero every time
Mundane1: master of lore myth and magic
Mundane1: pure of heart with never a crime
Mundane1: so much different day to day
Mundane1: life is harder with shades of gray
Mundane1: doubt surrounds every move
Mundane1: wht should i do; what should i say
Mundane1: still in life they botyh exist
Mundane1: myth and magic in all we see
Mundane1: perfection is myth and love is magic
Mundane1: to forgive is how we can be free
Mundane1: ~~just clyde~~


Mundane1: ~~Beautiful mess~~
Mundane1: everything is about perspective
Mundane1: what we feel, what we say, what we see
Mundane1: the same thing is different on another day
Mundane1: the way we react changes what can be
Mundane1: a beatiful mess on a given day
Mundane1: when everything seems to go wrong
Mundane1: is a lovely way to laugh at the day
Mundane1: to live and love and get along
Mundane1: a bowl of spaghetti on a kids head
Mundane1: can be the staw that breaks the back
Mundane1: or laugh so hard you wet your pants
Mundane1: perspective then defines what we lack
Mundane1: a beautiful mess is a beautiful thing
Mundane1: if we remember to laugh every day
Mundane1: just remember to look again
Mundane1: perspectives can keep our darkness at bay
Mundane1: ~~just clyde~~

Noesnana: Beautiful Mess
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: It would just be a guess
Noesnana: life would go on despite stress
Noesnana: she would be an emotional mess
Noesnana: would need to be carressed
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: the beaurty would need to be found
Noesnana: before she found herself drowned
Noesnana: by a loss that was so profound
Noesnana: the darkness was her surround
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: one morning life was beautiful
Noesnana: no longer surrounded by the squall
Noesnana: she could see the writing on the wall
Noesnana: life goes on, even after we fall
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: on with a life full of hopes and dreams
Noesnana: on with a life full of beauty it seems
Noesnana: rooms no longer filled with screams
Noesnana: now she stands tall and beams
Noesnana: .
Noesnana: end

Monday, April 20, 2009

Improv Tag Contest Results March 2009

"The Sands of Time"
Midnight Abysmal
topic by Noesnana

As the quartz particles cascade
like a beauteous glittering brigade
the fourth dimension marches in a parade
clock hands ticking as the gears bade .

Hour by hour we watch it go by
inexorable, irreversible, from sun to moon in sky
from birth in light to night we die
travel through it we do try .

From the midnight hour to the high noon light
from darkest night to solar bright
on the helios shore we stand to fight
against forces that have infinitely more might.
The great dunes of the desert of time
move with wind over sunset sublime
as the eleventh hour of our life does chime
ghosts of the past and future in some maddening rhyme.
Summer and winter, spring and fall
Into the shadows we try and call
and into the valley of shade we crawl
eternity frozen in the night's deep shawl.
Sands that propagate with gravity's pull
as the bottom of the hourglass slowly becomes full
and the universe falls into a galactic pool
Can we unlock time with our resource and tools?

©Midnight Abysmal

Life's Choices
topic by AllisPks

Look ahead.
Nothing but roadblocks and detours.
It's not quite what had been expected when
The parents drew out this roadmap.
Things change, things alter,
Plans change,
And choices must be made.
This fork, or that fork?
North or South?
Highway or side-streets?
Which way will lead to success?
Will it lead to happiness, too?
Will it lead to everything I ever dreamed of?
Will it be better? Worse?
Won't know the answer, I suppose,
Until I make the choice.


Briars of the Hearts Entwined
topic by Dagbailey79

Where lies this passion which strives me so
deep within are roots that grow
life is given from this new seed
something is growing inside of me
her eyes they twinkle as if lit bye heavens light
all the stars in heaven envy her sight
for she is a beauty which stories are told
and this is a life about to unfold
my heart enter twined its destiny meshed
and now my desire will be put to this test
the briers tho sharpened they open with path
I bask in their warm spring times advance
and know that I love thee no equal in verse
I swear to thee my love is my curse
and always eyes closed you will be there
your beauty translucent purity's fair
my princess alas my love is so true
my poem is simple
I love you


Beyond the Image
Topic By Dreamsbyday

She walked out on the red carpet
On this Oscar night
and you could see all her best features
her gown was sexy and fit tight
And the tabloids all say she gives to charity
and adopted a homeless starving kid
but you might be surprised to know
some other things she did
She binged and vomited to get into her clothes
she slept with 3 other guys while she was married to one
and went to drug and alcohol rehab seven times
and was arrested at the airport for carrying a gun
The image she projects ain't the image behind the scenes
but she sure knows all too well
what our society's obsession with celebrity means


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ultimate Improv Slam Results -Imapoettoo VS Jaygirl718

Sunday March 29, two fine poets went head to head in improv battle!
It was an excellent Slam and the writes were wonderful!
Congratulations to Elle aka Imapoettoo, on a well earned win!
Kudos to June aka Jaygirl718, for a competitive job well done!

Many thanks to both of you for a fine night of Improv Poetry!
Thanks also to Budsilver for CoHosting with his quick trigger eject-
and to Lowtekman5- for his tally/accounting acumen.
Thanks too, to our audience who came and voted!
Below, are the writes- for your reading pleasure!

Child Of the Ever After

Jaygirl 718: Simple truths taught
Jaygirl 718: While innocence is portrayed
Jaygirl 718: Gentle melodies sing sweetly
Jaygirl 718: To songs of promised generations
Jaygirl 718: No more shadowed let's pretend games
Jaygirl 718: For this is not a temporary transaction made
Jaygirl 718: Daffodils, yellow and brightly waiting
Jaygirl 718: To be carefully gathered
Jaygirl 718: Sweetened hopes,
Jaygirl 718: Mingled kisses of beautiful morsels
Jaygirl 718: Whistle a tune of lasting tranquility
Jaygirl 718: Here on this pondering earth we reside
Jaygirl 718: And forever in eternity
Jaygirl 718: end

Child of the Ever after

Ima Poet Too: Child of the Eve rafter
Ima Poet Too: After
Ima Poet Too: We've spent all our tomorrows
Ima Poet Too: wasted all our today's
Ima Poet Too: given up on every last yesterday
Ima Poet Too: There will be a child
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: When
Ima Poet Too: We no longer hope
Ima Poet Too: Do not look forward
Ima Poet Too: Forget how to dream
Ima Poet Too: A child will waken
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: If
Ima Poet Too: We forge our own ending
Ima Poet Too: Tie ourselves to destruction
Ima Poet Too: Ignore the warning signs
Ima Poet Too: This child will speak
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: Salvation
Ima Poet Too: Is not in the hands of politicians
Ima Poet Too: Cannot be bought or sold
Ima Poet Too: Will not be there for us
Ima Poet Too: If the child is not heard
Ima Poet Too: ER Barker

Song of the Shifting Self

Ima Poet Too: Song of the Shifting Self
Ima Poet Too: Self realization should be hummed
Ima Poet Too: Hummed softly in moments of solitude
Ima Poet Too: Solitude evoked by memories
Ima Poet Too: Memories better left to yesterday
Ima Poet Too: Yesterday is just a melody
Ima Poet Too: Melodies of who I am
Ima Poet Too: Am I truly here?
Ima Poet Too: Here is a song that could be me
Ima Poet Too: Me, when left to myself
Ima Poet Too: ER Barker


Song of the Shifting Self

Jaygirl 718: Songs of the shifting self
Jaygirl 718: `
Jaygirl 718: Melodies and harmonies
Jaygirl 718: Played in a creative kindled glow
Jaygirl 718: Steadfast motions always on the go
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Standing on the shoreline
Jaygirl 718: As the rolling tide rushes in
Jaygirl 718: Unsettle and unpredictable of where it has been
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Always moving
Jaygirl 718: With without knowing reasons
Jaygirl 718: Waiting for that next promising season
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Whispering whistles of my soul
Jaygirl 718: Sung to my wondering shifting self
Jaygirl 718: Another chapter carefully put upon a shelf
Jaygirl 718: end

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ultimate Improv SLAM Results-Phaeties vs Budsilver

Phaeties and Budsilver battled it out to a full house and when the votes were counted- Budsilver was the winner!
Bud will receive a Poetry Tag Group " I Won the PTG Slam" Shirt and he will compete in the Slam-Off for a prize worth $50.
It was a very close contest and we'd like to thank and congratulate Phaeties & Budsilver for a wonderful night of Improv. Thanks also to Hostess Imapoettoo & Tally Redking44! A Special Thank you to those who attended- and voted!

The First Topic :

BudSilver: "The Third Door"
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: My eyes are closed, I can feel the sound
BudSilver: Heart's palpitating, I've lost too much ground
BudSilver: Always yearning, searching for more
BudSilver: Nothing appears behind the first door
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: Silence screaming, I'm starting to shake
BudSilver: Every second a decision, that only I can make
BudSilver: My soul is floating, two feet off the floor
BudSilver: Nothing appears behind the second door
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: The time is now, I must take a chance
BudSilver: Too much at stake in humanitys dance
BudSilver: Finally what I've sought, tears start to pour
BudSilver: My future was found behind the third door.
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end

Phaeties: The third door....
Phaeties: Behind the presence of this wandering lustre
Phaeties: Are the stars that crowd overhead in bright glowing clusters
Phaeties: Silver ribbons of light gleam down on the living labrynth below
Phaeties: Three doors to enter the winding paths, each framed in natures splended wrath
Phaeties: One covered with rust, time and misttrust
Phaeties: Its door handle broken and shattered, hinges weak and materials tattered
Phaeties: The second door, rises up a series of steps
Phaeties: Its make is of translucent black glass, etched in the middle is the face of a laughing art nouveau lass
Phaeties: Higher yet is the door upon the balcony, old vines make for a rope like climb
Phaeties: Of sorrow and reverence, which door would one walk?
Phaeties: The more concealed, the divine, or persay ravaged with grime?
Phaeties: Perhaps one would walk through that presented to them, each its own gem
Phaeties: The values of fine things, easy steps to climb, or the path less traveled by?
Phaeties: Assiduously one paces, no like to the choices more or less offered
Phaeties: Conjecture then that there is more that what there appears to be, an illusion of choices
Phaeties: Follow the one inner feeling, the silent call of voices
Phaeties: Steps then are mustered to pry at the very walls of stone
Phaeties: Settling then, is the adventurer to make entance of his own.
Phaeties: -end

The Second Topic:

Phaeties: Sand and glass..
Phaeties: -
Phaeties: As the mixture swirls through the atmosphere
Phaeties: Colors collide before our eyes, spectrums of love and lust
Phaeties: Sins bleed through the living sands, melting into a spetrum of elixors
Phaeties: Vision is lost through a dry druken haze, as wicked lips blossom
Phaeties: Into a dessert of fading embers and burning whispers upon lover's ears
Phaeties: Raptures persperiation courses down the curves of moving shadows
Phaeties: Mired in light, lips mingle upon petel soft skin, a whirlwind
Phaeties: Of sand, our bodies writhe in the heat of reverberating desire
Phaeties: In an unholy dance of divinty on stained glass, we devour one another completely,
Phaeties: Eating each other ashes, leaving no trace, of the bleeding sounds or laughing echoes
Phaeties: I like your lips with no disgrace, using my tongue to build a temporal temple to passion's throws
Phaeties: Inside this sanctum, have faith that our flesh will lust
Phaeties: Trust in me, as we walk in the darkness, that the pillars of morality may crumble
Phaeties: Hence once so that our languid bodies may thrash and tumble
Phaeties: Scorching each others heart, damned lost and adrift to clutch each other
Phaeties: through the reflections of our eyes, -d
Phaeties: and that "lick your lips with no disgrace"
Phaeties: end

BudSilver: "Sand and Glass"
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: Surreal images, woven in hues
BudSilver: Artist's hand, paint a delicate picture
BudSilver: Nuances and feels, hands to the clay
BudSilver: Displayed on a canvas of an intricate mind
BudSilver: An illusion twisted, by sand and glass
BudSilver: Nothing like this has been formed before
BudSilver: Dainty, disfigured, a collector's delight
BudSilver: Glassblown figurine, dancing in stars
BudSilver: Lady has now stepped out of time
BudSilver: An orchestra plays her lone silouhette
BudSilver: Spinning in circles, to a symphony's tune
BudSilver: Sand and glass, have now come to life
BudSilver: .
BudSilver: the end

Friday, February 6, 2009

Improv Poetry Contest Winners November 2008


Topic by APoetWithin

Farmazist: .
Farmazist: I was under the impression
Farmazist: The last argument was truly that
Farmazist: Another bowel cleanser of anger
Farmazist: A bottle of hatred spilled on the floor
Farmazist: Consuming what was left
Farmazist: Of the decency we tried so hard
Farmazist: To cover up with a bandage
Farmazist: I saw this one coming though
Farmazist: On channel 3 news at ten
Farmazist: It was not even the weatherman
Farmazist: What does that tell you about velocity?
Farmazist: Of the winds raging from us?
Farmazist: The tell tale signs must be heeded
Farmazist: No more finding the dead end streets
Farmazist: TIme to turn around and find the interstate
Farmazist: That either pulls us completely apart
Farmazist: Or provides the cement to hold us together
Farmazist: I promise to erase my clich├ęs
Farmazist: If you will forget the rant
Farmazist: Wither way I quit
Farmazist: .
Farmazist: the end


Runner Up
"Silent Storm"

Topic by Cybersxpoetess

HummingDragonfly: SILENT STORM
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: the tale of the ages
HummingDragonfly: rings upon the mind
HummingDragonfly: seeking depths unfathomed
HummingDragonfly: beyond the soul
HummingDragonfly: beyond the senses
HummingDragonfly: where I was before this place
HummingDragonfly: now
HummingDragonfly: the door to heaven
HummingDragonfly: is there- a silent storm
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: the world is a noisy cacophony
HummingDragonfly: shrieks, shouts, jangling of nervous
HummingDragonfly: flight from the self
HummingDragonfly: memories of hell are there
HummingDragonfly: all comfort is sought in flight
HummingDragonfly: from mind's endlessness
HummingDragonfly: eternity terrifies mortality
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: oh I am weary and hurting so
HummingDragonfly: all thoughts of present are pain
HummingDragonfly: let me wander within again
HummingDragonfly: seeking solace
HummingDragonfly: freedom from this place
HummingDragonfly: and there the silent storm
HummingDragonfly: rings upon the mind
HummingDragonfly: frees a soul
HummingDragonfly: and bathes in endless light
HummingDragonfly: .
HummingDragonfly: end


Honorable Mention
Jaygirl 718
"Tokens Of Trust"

Topic by Farmazist

Jaygirl 718: Tokens of trust
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me you hand
Jaygirl 718: I promise not to hold too tightly
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your ear
Jaygirl 718: I promise not to shout
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your voice
Jaygirl 718: I will listen carefully
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Give me your arms to wrap around me
Jaygirl 718: And I will hug your fears away
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Kiss me softly upon my lips
Jaygirl 718: I will ease your pain
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Share your heartfelt dreams
Jaygirl 718: For just a moment relax
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Let yourself try and trust another
Jaygirl 718: take the chance to love and be loved
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Come to me just as you are
Jaygirl 718: A simple broken man
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: I will talk and listen to you
Jaygirl 718: With sweet silence and soft laughter
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: No need to fear
Jaygirl 718: For I willing and able
Jaygirl 718: To wipe away all your sad tears
Jaygirl 718: end


Monday, October 13, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest Winners 9.20.08

“Seeds of Pulse”

topic by Pityflutes

MosiGail: It beats in time,
MosiGail: 120 over 80,
MosiGail: It tells time, tick and tock,
MosiGail: Seeds grow and bulge,
MosiGail: What slows down
MosiGail: now, is the new
MosiGail: to lead and grow,
MosiGail: one seed, and a pulse
MosiGail: is a beat, and music,
MosiGail: Drummer time it right,
MosiGail: pulse and seed bloom.


Runner Up
"Maybe I'm Wrong"

topic by Dreamsbyday

BudSilver: Descent into my innermost parts
BudSilver: Masked by the pain of a lonely heart
BudSilver: Time waits for no man, so it's been said
BudSilver: If you cut me, I bleed...and it's always red
BudSilver: I'm just a man with flaws, too many to count
BudSilver: The mountain of misery is too high to mount
BudSilver: I can only express myself in poetry and song
BudSilver: Yet too many have judged me, maybe I'm wrong
BudSilver: Is it wrong to know that you care too much
BudSilver: Or you long for the feeling of just being touched
BudSilver: How long must I suffer, this pain all alone
BudSilver: Unable to describe it, a long wistful moan
BudSilver: Inside I must just possess a big heart
BudSilver: I turn back to my roots, go forward from start
BudSilver: As I ascend back to this painful "reality"
BudSilver: It's the time that haunts and tears apart me
BudSilver: If ever by chance, we do meet again
BudSilver: My soul will be blessed, by the touch of my friend


Hosts Choice
"Strange Lights at Night"
topic by BudSilver

DreamsbyDay: In darkest deepest night, there shines a light
DreamsbyDay: 'neath eyelids shut to hide the world from sight
DreamsbyDay: where visions scatter into flashing bits
DreamsbyDay: and fantasy 's reality’s misfit
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Odd faces in the blackness, gleaming there
DreamsbyDay: where nothing is supposed to be, or dare
DreamsbyDay: Odd glimmers, unknown voices, eerie sounds
DreamsbyDay: where all that is the nothingness abounds.
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Who touches me? Who's fingers swiped my face ?
DreamsbyDay: What manner of strange beings host this place?
DreamsbyDay: where everything is clearer in the dark
DreamsbyDay: and 'lectric pulses sanctify and spark...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: strange lights at night, and stranger lights at day
DreamsbyDay: for what does day or night, mean- anyway?


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest 8.09.08


Risinsun 28
"Before I Realized"

topic by Dreamsbyday

RisinSun28:  havent made the leap ? my friend the
RisinSun28:  hill is steep, my friend
RisinSun28:  dependant before i relized
RisinSun28:  your face might go wasplike, mining
RisinSun28:  pearls of default, your eyes relented mixed
RisinSun28:  emotion for indentured seducing, exclusive
RisinSun28:  sucking of soul sought flickers
RisinSun28:  passing before time had a chance
RisinSun28:  to relate them to lightning, sparks
RisinSun28:  reignited intruding this darkness
RisinSun28:  grown in the space between you , your mom
RisinSun28:  and my ingenious self assesment, basement
RisinSun28:  of lesions, pits of corrosion, fleeing
RisinSun28:  this vision i leapt away roaming
RisinSun28:  no meaning to owing the wandering notion
RisinSun28:  a passing glance, caressing the chance
RisinSun28:  for to stay, expressively shifting the
RisinSun28:  gratitude lifting the gray
RisinSun28:  if only you knew those who felt oft older
RisinSun28:  when holding their knees and betwixted in dismay
RisinSun28:  the years only 30's the deepend a flirting
RisinSun28:  the motion detector of lotioned bodies loitering out on the bay
RisinSun28:  if ever i knew you i left behind knowledge
RisinSun28:  if i ever i grew through the hate that despondently splayed
RisinSun28:  open this momentous dementia disparaged betrayal
RisinSun28:  the trail of lies tickle your fancy i'd scratch in the wall
RisinSun28:  looking for answers in white paint chipping to play
RisinSun28:  games with the mistrust of shelters protection and
RisinSun28:  only the ceiling would gently hold maybe
RisinSun28:  without a writing within in me i read on the support beam
RisinSun28:  "if you can't understand my silence,
RisinSun28:  you will never understand mywords"


Runner Up
"Hunger Grows"

topic by Risinsun28

APoetWithin:  Grazing like a herd of cattle
APoetWithin:  Never satiated
APoetWithin:  Why does food offer no satisfaction
APoetWithin:  Hunger just grows
APoetWithin:  Along with girth
APoetWithin:  Food is not an answer
APoetWithin:  Symptoms grow in number
APoetWithin:  Sadness and angst
APoetWithin:  Close eyes to hold back tears
APoetWithin:  Never let them see you cry
APoetWithin:  Hold back anger by filling your mouth
APoetWithin:  There is no cure for misery
APoetWithin:  The only answer lies within
APoetWithin:  Exorcise the demons


Honorable Mention
Here's Slipknot41
"Trouble Ahead"
topic by DreamsbyDay

Slipknot41:  I never liked the Grateful Dead
Slipknot41:  and failed to see the need for Rolling Stones worship
Slipknot41:  but when it came to being a walking florence flask..
Slipknot41:  Sure;  pour those unknown substances straight in !
Slipknot41:  thumb over the top, shake it up a bit
Slipknot41:  yeah !    eyes can glow anew !
Slipknot41:  it would be funny if that ended it
Slipknot41:  in my case, the heartburn spread itself thru the neverous system
Slipknot41:  lodged while secondary, third and fourth-dary reactions took
Slipknot41:  now I'd say the vessel I possess resembles more the unknown in
Slipknot41:  have hilarity, half outrage
Slipknot41:  it's a good thing healing by blueprint design
Slipknot41:  supercedes all



Hosts Selection
"The tears behind the smile"
topic by Apoetwithin

lowtekman5:  If we couldnt laugh we would go insane
lowtekman5:  So a songwriter said
lowtekman5:  some who cant laugh would rather die
lowtekman5:  they think the pain will dissolve when they're dead
lowtekman5:  Me, I dont like for people to see my distress
lowtekman5:  So I hide it behind this big grin
lowtekman5:  nobody can see any of my tears
lowtekman5:  but if you ask the right questions and say the right words
lowtekman5:  maybe I'll let you in