Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 22, 2008 Improv Contest Winners


Twisted Mirror

topic by Mundane1
 I have a hurricane in me,
 a gentle wind lives within.
 Stand firm, acerbic moon-tides
 rumble to mighty force, swells
 pitch and yaw, grumble and yawn.
 Steadfast, I sail beyond horizons,
 lucid mirages on endless seas.
 Fear driven deep in my bowels,
 raw intensity of pure, fragile hope.
 I watch, watch a shadow, a mirror
 image, dusk to dawn away but dare
 never to whisper the words.
 A twisted mirror cannot reflect
 truth, locked in its timbre tock,
 manumit my inner demons
 to vast unknown. Intensity
 wells, crimson flames a fiery
 testament. Stain spreads indigo
 and inside a tsunami riles, expels
 scarlet resound, in my epiphany,
 I dare the silence giving voice
 to echo, we have come full circle.
 I open the windows of my soul,
 liquid laughter peals 'cross plains
 to retreat beyond canyon walls,
 this darkness within me.
 Beneath a wide summer sky,
 I breathe light, in shades of blue
 my feet float, dance above cockle
 shells on golden sands as the storm
 leaves my shore, a twisted reflection,
 mirrored forevermore.


 Runner Up
 Tangled Threads on the Backside of Lifes Tapestry

 topic by  Springspromise15

Here my father sliced a thread,
 Another one my mother read,
 Weaving a history of this day
 A picture of everything, say,
 Headlines announce a topic true
 Websites say a topic through
 All life is one glorious bundle
 Making its way along a path. Trundle
 But yes dear reader, there is another side
 Not all is perfect and some things slide
 Let me tell you of the back side
 The slack side, of life's tapestry.
 Every rug needs a constant grip
 On life or if one stepped on it, strife
 An undercurrent of fear and need awaits us all
 Here or there. Insurance failed. In the hall
 No I never knew her, And we have one glorious child
 Somehow our slipping and sliding resulted in God being mild
 There is an undertapestry I'm sure you've felt
 Working up you backside. In your innards. Chastity melt.



 Hosts Selection
 Minty Flesh
 The Grand Nile

 topic by PoetcTryst

god knows origami
 and folds time
 like blankets
 we sleep away eternity
 under suburban stars
 as the serpent tunnels beneath
 metropolitan moons
 light and dark flow tandem
 and flood fantastic
 on the papyrus shores
 leaving their creases
 for us to read in the morning
 like lines on the old man's face
 the earths scars tell of good and evil
 but only death unfolds the truth
 as a young man i plied my mind into a boat
 and now i wait to reach river's end


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ultimate Improv Slam

Sunday, June29,

Imapoettoo  -Vs- Budsilver !
Winner : Budsilver!

Thanks to all who came , read and voted! 
 For those of you who missed it- here are the writes!
Broken Chains

there's a broken doll
in the corner over there
toss'd with disdain
forgotten in a year or two
There's a broken plate
on the counter
by the sink
along with a familiar link
There's a broken chain
round my healing heart
I had to forget the future
return to the start
There's a broken soul
bleeding out and alone
like an abandon'd dog
with nowhere to call home

©Ima Poet Too:  ER Barker
  "Broken Chains"
  His pain stricken face still haunts me
  Bound to the ships wall by these chains
  Poor old man sold into his slavery
  Knowing that he would never be free
  His eyes spoke stories, his voice couldn't utter
  Of the whips he'd felt and lashes taken
  Sold by his family, alone and forsaken
  Scars where the lash tore his skin like butter
  Somehow in his pain, he still smiled at me
  Sharing his wisdom, he poured out his soul
  He told me he knew he was not in control
  The his father in heaven, would soon hear his plea
  I had no understanding, as if his prayer were in vain
  He spoke of a time, when he would walk by the sea
  These chains have been broken, they'll never hold me
  One day he'll wake up in paradise, forever free

 "Waterfalls in the sky"
   Another sleepless night, I can't seem to rest
   Faced with the choice of this impossible test
   Nothing seems to add up, at times I feel lost
   Knowing the price I've paid, immeasurable cost
   Dreams come too few, I have no answer why
   Washed by the waterfalls in my night sky
   Memories erased, replaced by another
   How people can turn their backs on their brother
   Lucid dreams come and I feel so alive
   Nightmares compete that force me to cry
   No solace, no peace, I retreat to that place
   Remembering that last time that I saw your face
   With one simple kiss, you unlocked this man
  Tormented and twisted, I don't understand
   I peered that night inside of your tears
   I saw you boundup and wounded, shrouded by fear
   Awake the next morning, you weren't by my side
   Like a piece of my dream had withered and died
   If this dream comes full circle with you by my side
   It will be worth all the anguish and tears that I've cried
   If everyou're lonely and you just don't know why
    Let's lay down next to waterfalls in the sky
 Waterfalls in the Sky

 Waterfalls in the sky
 Cliffs of vapor
 Rise up above
 the raging storm river
 white water
 racing to earthly destination
 down through
 Waterfalls in the sky
 Driving flood waters
 before its inundating

©Ima Poet Too:  ER Barker