Saturday, August 30, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest 8.09.08


Risinsun 28
"Before I Realized"

topic by Dreamsbyday

RisinSun28:  havent made the leap ? my friend the
RisinSun28:  hill is steep, my friend
RisinSun28:  dependant before i relized
RisinSun28:  your face might go wasplike, mining
RisinSun28:  pearls of default, your eyes relented mixed
RisinSun28:  emotion for indentured seducing, exclusive
RisinSun28:  sucking of soul sought flickers
RisinSun28:  passing before time had a chance
RisinSun28:  to relate them to lightning, sparks
RisinSun28:  reignited intruding this darkness
RisinSun28:  grown in the space between you , your mom
RisinSun28:  and my ingenious self assesment, basement
RisinSun28:  of lesions, pits of corrosion, fleeing
RisinSun28:  this vision i leapt away roaming
RisinSun28:  no meaning to owing the wandering notion
RisinSun28:  a passing glance, caressing the chance
RisinSun28:  for to stay, expressively shifting the
RisinSun28:  gratitude lifting the gray
RisinSun28:  if only you knew those who felt oft older
RisinSun28:  when holding their knees and betwixted in dismay
RisinSun28:  the years only 30's the deepend a flirting
RisinSun28:  the motion detector of lotioned bodies loitering out on the bay
RisinSun28:  if ever i knew you i left behind knowledge
RisinSun28:  if i ever i grew through the hate that despondently splayed
RisinSun28:  open this momentous dementia disparaged betrayal
RisinSun28:  the trail of lies tickle your fancy i'd scratch in the wall
RisinSun28:  looking for answers in white paint chipping to play
RisinSun28:  games with the mistrust of shelters protection and
RisinSun28:  only the ceiling would gently hold maybe
RisinSun28:  without a writing within in me i read on the support beam
RisinSun28:  "if you can't understand my silence,
RisinSun28:  you will never understand mywords"


Runner Up
"Hunger Grows"

topic by Risinsun28

APoetWithin:  Grazing like a herd of cattle
APoetWithin:  Never satiated
APoetWithin:  Why does food offer no satisfaction
APoetWithin:  Hunger just grows
APoetWithin:  Along with girth
APoetWithin:  Food is not an answer
APoetWithin:  Symptoms grow in number
APoetWithin:  Sadness and angst
APoetWithin:  Close eyes to hold back tears
APoetWithin:  Never let them see you cry
APoetWithin:  Hold back anger by filling your mouth
APoetWithin:  There is no cure for misery
APoetWithin:  The only answer lies within
APoetWithin:  Exorcise the demons


Honorable Mention
Here's Slipknot41
"Trouble Ahead"
topic by DreamsbyDay

Slipknot41:  I never liked the Grateful Dead
Slipknot41:  and failed to see the need for Rolling Stones worship
Slipknot41:  but when it came to being a walking florence flask..
Slipknot41:  Sure;  pour those unknown substances straight in !
Slipknot41:  thumb over the top, shake it up a bit
Slipknot41:  yeah !    eyes can glow anew !
Slipknot41:  it would be funny if that ended it
Slipknot41:  in my case, the heartburn spread itself thru the neverous system
Slipknot41:  lodged while secondary, third and fourth-dary reactions took
Slipknot41:  now I'd say the vessel I possess resembles more the unknown in
Slipknot41:  have hilarity, half outrage
Slipknot41:  it's a good thing healing by blueprint design
Slipknot41:  supercedes all



Hosts Selection
"The tears behind the smile"
topic by Apoetwithin

lowtekman5:  If we couldnt laugh we would go insane
lowtekman5:  So a songwriter said
lowtekman5:  some who cant laugh would rather die
lowtekman5:  they think the pain will dissolve when they're dead
lowtekman5:  Me, I dont like for people to see my distress
lowtekman5:  So I hide it behind this big grin
lowtekman5:  nobody can see any of my tears
lowtekman5:  but if you ask the right questions and say the right words
lowtekman5:  maybe I'll let you in


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