Monday, October 13, 2008

Improv Poetry Contest Winners 9.20.08

“Seeds of Pulse”

topic by Pityflutes

MosiGail: It beats in time,
MosiGail: 120 over 80,
MosiGail: It tells time, tick and tock,
MosiGail: Seeds grow and bulge,
MosiGail: What slows down
MosiGail: now, is the new
MosiGail: to lead and grow,
MosiGail: one seed, and a pulse
MosiGail: is a beat, and music,
MosiGail: Drummer time it right,
MosiGail: pulse and seed bloom.


Runner Up
"Maybe I'm Wrong"

topic by Dreamsbyday

BudSilver: Descent into my innermost parts
BudSilver: Masked by the pain of a lonely heart
BudSilver: Time waits for no man, so it's been said
BudSilver: If you cut me, I bleed...and it's always red
BudSilver: I'm just a man with flaws, too many to count
BudSilver: The mountain of misery is too high to mount
BudSilver: I can only express myself in poetry and song
BudSilver: Yet too many have judged me, maybe I'm wrong
BudSilver: Is it wrong to know that you care too much
BudSilver: Or you long for the feeling of just being touched
BudSilver: How long must I suffer, this pain all alone
BudSilver: Unable to describe it, a long wistful moan
BudSilver: Inside I must just possess a big heart
BudSilver: I turn back to my roots, go forward from start
BudSilver: As I ascend back to this painful "reality"
BudSilver: It's the time that haunts and tears apart me
BudSilver: If ever by chance, we do meet again
BudSilver: My soul will be blessed, by the touch of my friend


Hosts Choice
"Strange Lights at Night"
topic by BudSilver

DreamsbyDay: In darkest deepest night, there shines a light
DreamsbyDay: 'neath eyelids shut to hide the world from sight
DreamsbyDay: where visions scatter into flashing bits
DreamsbyDay: and fantasy 's reality’s misfit
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Odd faces in the blackness, gleaming there
DreamsbyDay: where nothing is supposed to be, or dare
DreamsbyDay: Odd glimmers, unknown voices, eerie sounds
DreamsbyDay: where all that is the nothingness abounds.
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Who touches me? Who's fingers swiped my face ?
DreamsbyDay: What manner of strange beings host this place?
DreamsbyDay: where everything is clearer in the dark
DreamsbyDay: and 'lectric pulses sanctify and spark...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: strange lights at night, and stranger lights at day
DreamsbyDay: for what does day or night, mean- anyway?


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