Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ultimate Improv Slam Results -Imapoettoo VS Jaygirl718

Sunday March 29, two fine poets went head to head in improv battle!
It was an excellent Slam and the writes were wonderful!
Congratulations to Elle aka Imapoettoo, on a well earned win!
Kudos to June aka Jaygirl718, for a competitive job well done!

Many thanks to both of you for a fine night of Improv Poetry!
Thanks also to Budsilver for CoHosting with his quick trigger eject-
and to Lowtekman5- for his tally/accounting acumen.
Thanks too, to our audience who came and voted!
Below, are the writes- for your reading pleasure!

Child Of the Ever After

Jaygirl 718: Simple truths taught
Jaygirl 718: While innocence is portrayed
Jaygirl 718: Gentle melodies sing sweetly
Jaygirl 718: To songs of promised generations
Jaygirl 718: No more shadowed let's pretend games
Jaygirl 718: For this is not a temporary transaction made
Jaygirl 718: Daffodils, yellow and brightly waiting
Jaygirl 718: To be carefully gathered
Jaygirl 718: Sweetened hopes,
Jaygirl 718: Mingled kisses of beautiful morsels
Jaygirl 718: Whistle a tune of lasting tranquility
Jaygirl 718: Here on this pondering earth we reside
Jaygirl 718: And forever in eternity
Jaygirl 718: end

Child of the Ever after

Ima Poet Too: Child of the Eve rafter
Ima Poet Too: After
Ima Poet Too: We've spent all our tomorrows
Ima Poet Too: wasted all our today's
Ima Poet Too: given up on every last yesterday
Ima Poet Too: There will be a child
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: When
Ima Poet Too: We no longer hope
Ima Poet Too: Do not look forward
Ima Poet Too: Forget how to dream
Ima Poet Too: A child will waken
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: If
Ima Poet Too: We forge our own ending
Ima Poet Too: Tie ourselves to destruction
Ima Poet Too: Ignore the warning signs
Ima Poet Too: This child will speak
Ima Poet Too: ~
Ima Poet Too: Salvation
Ima Poet Too: Is not in the hands of politicians
Ima Poet Too: Cannot be bought or sold
Ima Poet Too: Will not be there for us
Ima Poet Too: If the child is not heard
Ima Poet Too: ER Barker

Song of the Shifting Self

Ima Poet Too: Song of the Shifting Self
Ima Poet Too: Self realization should be hummed
Ima Poet Too: Hummed softly in moments of solitude
Ima Poet Too: Solitude evoked by memories
Ima Poet Too: Memories better left to yesterday
Ima Poet Too: Yesterday is just a melody
Ima Poet Too: Melodies of who I am
Ima Poet Too: Am I truly here?
Ima Poet Too: Here is a song that could be me
Ima Poet Too: Me, when left to myself
Ima Poet Too: ER Barker


Song of the Shifting Self

Jaygirl 718: Songs of the shifting self
Jaygirl 718: `
Jaygirl 718: Melodies and harmonies
Jaygirl 718: Played in a creative kindled glow
Jaygirl 718: Steadfast motions always on the go
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Standing on the shoreline
Jaygirl 718: As the rolling tide rushes in
Jaygirl 718: Unsettle and unpredictable of where it has been
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Always moving
Jaygirl 718: With without knowing reasons
Jaygirl 718: Waiting for that next promising season
Jaygirl 718: ~
Jaygirl 718: Whispering whistles of my soul
Jaygirl 718: Sung to my wondering shifting self
Jaygirl 718: Another chapter carefully put upon a shelf
Jaygirl 718: end

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