Monday, April 20, 2009

Improv Tag Contest Results March 2009

"The Sands of Time"
Midnight Abysmal
topic by Noesnana

As the quartz particles cascade
like a beauteous glittering brigade
the fourth dimension marches in a parade
clock hands ticking as the gears bade .

Hour by hour we watch it go by
inexorable, irreversible, from sun to moon in sky
from birth in light to night we die
travel through it we do try .

From the midnight hour to the high noon light
from darkest night to solar bright
on the helios shore we stand to fight
against forces that have infinitely more might.
The great dunes of the desert of time
move with wind over sunset sublime
as the eleventh hour of our life does chime
ghosts of the past and future in some maddening rhyme.
Summer and winter, spring and fall
Into the shadows we try and call
and into the valley of shade we crawl
eternity frozen in the night's deep shawl.
Sands that propagate with gravity's pull
as the bottom of the hourglass slowly becomes full
and the universe falls into a galactic pool
Can we unlock time with our resource and tools?

©Midnight Abysmal

Life's Choices
topic by AllisPks

Look ahead.
Nothing but roadblocks and detours.
It's not quite what had been expected when
The parents drew out this roadmap.
Things change, things alter,
Plans change,
And choices must be made.
This fork, or that fork?
North or South?
Highway or side-streets?
Which way will lead to success?
Will it lead to happiness, too?
Will it lead to everything I ever dreamed of?
Will it be better? Worse?
Won't know the answer, I suppose,
Until I make the choice.


Briars of the Hearts Entwined
topic by Dagbailey79

Where lies this passion which strives me so
deep within are roots that grow
life is given from this new seed
something is growing inside of me
her eyes they twinkle as if lit bye heavens light
all the stars in heaven envy her sight
for she is a beauty which stories are told
and this is a life about to unfold
my heart enter twined its destiny meshed
and now my desire will be put to this test
the briers tho sharpened they open with path
I bask in their warm spring times advance
and know that I love thee no equal in verse
I swear to thee my love is my curse
and always eyes closed you will be there
your beauty translucent purity's fair
my princess alas my love is so true
my poem is simple
I love you


Beyond the Image
Topic By Dreamsbyday

She walked out on the red carpet
On this Oscar night
and you could see all her best features
her gown was sexy and fit tight
And the tabloids all say she gives to charity
and adopted a homeless starving kid
but you might be surprised to know
some other things she did
She binged and vomited to get into her clothes
she slept with 3 other guys while she was married to one
and went to drug and alcohol rehab seven times
and was arrested at the airport for carrying a gun
The image she projects ain't the image behind the scenes
but she sure knows all too well
what our society's obsession with celebrity means


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